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Wild Viking Jackpot

The Wild Viking Jackpot is a card game which has a progressive jackpot attached to it. This creative spin on poker that has been combined with a bit of roulette was imagined up and brought to the casino by Playtech.


Features and Gameplay

The game itself does not have a whole lot of bells and whistles that many other casino games have, but it is very original. The screen has 54 slots on it in the middle where playing cards are at when the game starts in the face up position. The object is to place bets on the cards in hopes to beat the dealer’s cards.


Players can place betting tokens on any space that they wish to on the playing board. In a simple game a player can place one token of the betting amount that they wish and place it on one of the suit spaces that displays a heart, diamond, club, or the spade. After the suit has a token on it the player can press deal and the dealer will reveal 5 cards. If one of the cards that the dealer has shown matches the suit that the player has placed a bet on then the player wins some cash.


The fifth card that the dealer reveals is what is to be considered the roulette part of the game. If a player has bet on the number on the bottom of the playing screen which read Red 2-7, Black 2-5, Wild Viking 6-9, Odd 10-K, and Even 8-K and the dealer reveals a card that matches the slot that the player bet on there will be a win, but if the card does not reveal that selection then the player loses the bet.


Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot for this game has hit highs of $236,333 and lows of $173,925. To win a chance at the jackpot the player will need to have a Wild Viking, which is another name for what a Royal Flush in regular Poker is. A Wild Viking, or Royal Flush in this game, is achieved when the dealer reveals 2 jokers, which must appear in the first place and the fifth place of the hand, a 10, jack, king, and queen. An ace can take the place of one of the middle cards.

Wild viking

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