Winner Club Scratch Platinum Jackpot

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Winner Club Scratch Platinum Jackpot

Winner Club is an online scratch card game that is available in Europe. There are several levels of play: standard, silver, gold and platinum. Gold and platinum cannot be played unless an individual is a premium member. Only the gold and platinum levels have progressive jackpots, which can be won if the individual matches three of the jackpot symbols. If a player decides they are going to play the platinum cards, the jackpot they could win is part of the amount they have bought their card for. The longer the jackpot remains untouched, the larger the jackpot becomes. The platinum jackpot is currently at 300,000 coins.


Features and Gameplay


As Winner Club is a scratch card game, there are no bonus features to obtain. The cards are designed in a classic and timeless style, with a brown, bronze, gold, or platinum background, depending on what card is chosen. The scratching area is a lighter shade of the background color and the scratching area is removed with a virtual golden coin. The symbols beneath the scratch-off area reveal the amount of money that has been won. The amounts are written in black, which makes them very easy to see.

There are other, smaller amounts that can be won, if three symbols are matched. These small prizes start at one pound and go up in price. While scratch cards are not easy to win at as no strategy can be devised in order to win the game, if luck is on the player's side, they could win a large amount of money.

Bonus Chances

Players can buy however many cards as they would like to play and scratch off. The standard tier costs five pounds and the price increases depending on the level that the player wants to buy. The prizes do increase, depending on the level chosen as well. Winner Club scratch cards are a fun and easy alternative for people who enjoy purchasing and playing scratch tickets; for the player does not have to leave their home in order to play, nor do they have to deal with paying for the tickets with cash out of their own pocket.


The Winner Club Scratch game is an exclusive club for players who are looking to win a big, exciting jackpot. Each player simply needs to select the stake level to play and try to match three of the identical jackpot symbols. The ultimate scratch cards pay a fortune in jackpots to real money wagers whenever the magic Winner’s Club symbols are hit. These huge amounts have paid an average of $290,031 per win since October 2013 and is being won every 33 weeks.

Features and Gameplay 

Playtech, one of the leading providers of new and innovating games in the online casino industry, is also the software provider behind this ultimate scratch game. The Winner's Club game is designed with the combination of the classic scratch card game and great graphics.

The Classic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are different game modes to choose from when playing the Winner Club Scratch game. Each mode has its corresponding bets per game depending on the level that a member wants to play. The Gold and Platinum are among the progressive jackpots which give the highest winnings in the game.

Once the cards are selected, the player can start scratching the silver covering to reveal all the magic symbols underneath. In order to win, there must be three same amounts of money on the card. The higher the value of the card, the bigger the chances of winning the jackpot.

Among the highest sellers are the Gold and Platinum cards where any player can get the chance of winning the huge progressive jackpot. This jackpot is contributed by Winner Club's players each time they play. The longer the time that the jackpot is not won, the greater its value will be. This makes it extremely attractive for real money wagers who are playing to win an instant jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot

The Winner Club Scratch jackpot is progressive which means it is always growing. Because all the money bet by the players increase until it is won, the total jackpot that can be gained usually get to incredible amount. The progressive jackpots are exclusive for real money wagers. With Winner Club, every gamer has the chance to hit the big time winnings and take home tens of thousands every time. Join the Winners Club to get the excitement of an actual scratch card game and become the next Platinum Jackpot winner.

Winners club scratch platinum

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