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Our Policy on Cookies and Privacy


Jackpot.Casino takes privacy matters very seriously and makes every attempt to avoid using data collection methods.  With complete transparency; this site uses cookies only to store user preferences.  Any information that is collected by this website is used for internal purposes only and is not shared with 3rd parties.  Our free service provides users of this site with the ability to be notified about information related to jackpots.  Even though the site is to be used only with the intention of research or entertainment purposes, it must be said that the site deals with gambling topics.  Members of this service acknowledge that they are eighteen years of age or older and that it is legal in their location of residence to partake in gambling online.  

While we collect no information for 3rd parties, we do have affiliate connections.  When a user of this website clicks on a link that exits this site, information about the website is transferred to the 3rd party. During this transfer, no information about the reader is sent.  This information is sent in order to assign the correct bonus information to that reader should they choose to sign up for casino service with said 3rd party. 

Session cookies that we use for server statistics and analytical information are set to expire when our reader leaves our website.  The information that is collected by our server is basically collected by all servers.  That information can include but is not limited to the last site visited before arriving at this website, the country where the visitor is from and the IP of that visitor.  Other information that may be collected is the type of device and in some cases, which search service the visitor used to find our website.  This information is collected by our server and the company which operates the server.  This information does not directly identify the user specifically.


3rd Party Affiliate Advertising


The operation of this service is funded by proceeds collected by our affiliations with gambling companies listed on this site.  Please familiarize yourself with the privacy policy and cookie policy of any service connected to our website as they will differ.  


Email Policy


We do not lease, sell rent or collect email information or any personal data.  We do not share any information with 3rd parties.  Email discussions are considered confidential.

Our Policies are subject to change and without direct notification to our users.  Updates to the policy will occur directly on the policy page.

This policy was last updated 13th November 2015