Responsible Gaming

How Do You Participate In Responsible Gambling?
Responsible gambling is the most important of a gambling excursion to an online oasis. These casinos offer gamblers unlimited opportunities to gamble, and there is no floor boss who will call a cab when the gambler gets out of control. Gamblers who are sitting at home on their computers must have a clear understanding of how to play in a responsible manner, and this article clearly lays out how to play the right way. Online casinos do not want to promote improper gaming, and the casinos have created this checklist and explanation for all gamblers.

#1: The Checklist

The checklist shown below is a good place to start when determining is gambling responsibly is possible. People who answer yes to many of these questions must reconsider how much they are gambling, how long they spend gambling and how they treat their habit. No one can complete a self-diagnosis, but these questions should tell gamblers if they have a problem or not. Anyone who notices these trends in others should try to step in to help solve the problem.

Do you avoid work or study for gambling?
Do you gamble to escape from reality?
Do you feel lost when you run out of money, and do you go so far as to search for more money immediately?
Do you gamble until you are broke?
Do you lie to avoid explaining how much money or time you have spent on gambling?
Have you ever lied, borowed, cheated or stolen to ensure you can keep gambling?
Do you avoid spending gambling money on other things?
Are you losing interest in the people that are most important to you?
Do you try to win back all losses as soon as you can?

#2: How Do People Get Help?

Gamcare ( 0808 8020 133) and Gamblers Anonymous ( 08700 50 88 80) are available for help 24/7. Gamblers may contact these organizations for help, and friends or family of gamblers may call these organizations for support. 

#3: Exclude Oneself From Gambling

Players may set up a self-exclusion function on their account that will prevent gambling for 24 hours. The accounts will be locked, and money cannot be transferred to an from these accounts in that time. A telephone call is required to restart the account after each exclusion, but players will be asked if they need help with problem gambling before their accounts are reactivated.

The 24-hour period is a time limit that will actually close the customer's account. The casino will not open new accounts for the customer, and help will be suggested if the customer tries to open a new account. Self-exclusion helps prevent problem gambling, and family members may require these limits for people who have had problems with gambling in the past.

#4: Deposit Limits

Deposit limits will help gamblers prevent overspending on their gambling. The deposit limit must be set for every account the gambler has, and the deposit limits cannot be changed after they are set. A gambler may ask friends or family to set their deposit limits, and the limits will help with accounting of gambling money. 

#5: Keep Track Of Time

The casino will keep track of the time spent playing games. The time spent playing games could be massive, and players will get reminders of how long they have been playing recently. Friends and family can check these numbers, and the player may set up a time out period that could last up to six weeks. The time out period allows players to return after six weeks to open their account again. This is slightly different from a self-exclusion in that account information is kept on file until the six week time period is up. No promotions will be sent to the player, and the casino will not be present in the player's life.

#6: Staff Training In Responsible Gaming

The staff has been trained in responsible gaming, and each staff member is capable of giving advice to someone who fears that they have a gambling problem. Staff members can recommend help for customers who have a problem, and staff members have been trained to talk their customers through problems. 

Staff members may choose to recommend the gambler talk to someone for professional help, and referrals are given through the phone and email/chat line at all times. The casino is dedicated to ensuring that customers get the help they need, and the casino has created a system that sends problem gamblers to someone for assistance. Any customer who thinks they have a gambling problem should mention their problems to a casino staff member.

#7: No Underage Gambling

It is illegal for gamblers to bet when they are under 18, and the casino does not allow people under 18 to open accounts. There are many steps taken to ensure that everyone in the casino is at least 18, and any account that has been opened by an underage customer will be closed immediately. All winnings are forfeited, and the account cannot be reopened. The casino takes this issue seriously, and there is no way that an underage player can get onto the site again.

Responsible gambling is important for everyone who loves to spend time in the casino. The casino has a wide variety of games that will be enjoyable for people who know how to gamble responsibly, but players who have answered yes to some of the questions at the beginning of this article must begin to see help. There are professional groups that will help gamblers with an addiction, and the staff at the casino will help gamblers who confide their problems.

The casino must be a safe place for people to gamble, and the casino ensures that everyone is safe by offering responsible gambling options, offering referrals to assistance groups and helping customers cut back on their spending while in the casino.