Ash Gaming

Ash gaming was founded in 2000 by a man named Chris Ash. It is a UK based company out of London. Its exacted location is at 61 Southwark Street in London, England. It has a reputation as having some of the finest casino games in the world. It is also one of the leading suppliers dedicated to interactive gambling and betting games. 

This London based company started promoting its games in 2002, and focused mainly on slots and jackpot games. Over this decade span they created some popular slot games. Ash Games has mainly focused on big TV shows such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and The X Factor. Of course this was also factoed in with some of the best UK TV shows as well. The company succeeded in leasing these games to top online casinos like SkyVegas. 


Ash games have only released a small number of games compared to other online casinos. Ash games have done this because they produce the quality over the quantity. The graphics in their games is that of no other, in the online gaming industry. It has worked in their favor by delivering a variety of digital platforms to make really awesome slot games. Ash Games is a new rare breed of slot machine developers that is only for the online environment.


Ash games have released hundreds of titled slot machines. They carefully create and crate name brand titles in their own unique and interesting way. Ash Games is actually the only business to make their own games rather than to have multiple duplicates of the same casino games. And they provide a number of different features and bonuses which makes them special. With such games especially ones with a progressive jackpot, not only are they fun but you have a higher chance of winning.

Probably the best known and most popular out of all Ash Games is Little Britain. It is actually based off of a UK TV comedy show. And this slot features some of the most popular characters from that iconic TV series. Most people that know the show love the slot for its themed side games and bonus features. 

Ash Games extended out further for other countries and provided people with themed pirate slot machines. These are a popular for the United States because they offer a progressive jackpot. Once you get into a bonus round you then can uncover three treasure chests. If you can grab a hold of diamonds you then win the progressive jackpot round. These are most likely popular because of the Pirates of The Caribbean series. 

In 2011, Ash gaming got a major break when the gambling giant Playtech approached to buy the company. Ash gaming became a co owner with Playtech so they can continue to have their name on the company. And with this buyout they got to keep all the individuals that made Ash Games possible working to make more games just with a difference of Playtech owning the company.

It was bought at an estimate of around thirty million dollars and they were happy to except this offer. 

Despite this purchase of the company Ash Games continued to release high quality slots and Ash Gaming jackpots. All Ash Gaming titles are automatically leased to the available UK based players. Because of their UK gambling commission license and they still have their Ash Gaming banner. Playtech actually helped Ash Games by not only purchasing the company but allowing them to grow out more. They essentially became more popular in the online gaming industry by having Playtech to back them up. 

Casinos available:
Game Jackpot Hits Average Hits Size Biggest Hit Last Hit Average Hits Interval
Adventures in Wonderland Jackpot €0.00 0 - - - - -
Bounty of the Beanstalk Jackpot €0.00 0 - - - - -
Captains Cannon's Circus of Cash Jackpot €0.00 1 0.0 €0.00 0.0 €0.00 2015-10-05 2015-10-05 - -
Chests of Plenty Jackpot €0.00 3 26436.333333333332 €26,436.33 49264.0 €49,264.00 2015-11-13 2015-11-13 -259200.0 3 days
Fairest of the All Jackpot €0.00 0 - - - - -
Leprechaun's Luck Jackpot €0.00 0 - - - - -
Madness: House of Fun Jackpot €0.00 0 - - - - -
Nags to Riches Jackpot €0.00 0 - - - - -
The Glass Stripper Jackpot €0.00 0 - - - - -
The X-Factor Jackpot €0.00 0 - - - - -
Super Diamond Deluxe Jackpot €0.00 0 - - - - -