Big Time Gaming

In the last few decades gaming has become a worldwide obsession. What was once thought to be only for nerdy introverts, has since become engrained in our culture. The greatest area of growth for gaming is on-line and mobile gaming. These quick and addictive distractions have sparked a plethora of development companies seeking to make their mark in the industry. Originally, only a handful of big names dominated the industry. Now there are literally millions of groups, big and small, that bring new games to satisfy the ever changing taste of consumers. Big Time Gaming is one such company. 

Big Time Gaming comes from a long and proud tradition of game development. A tradition that has proved them to be a leading name in on-line gaming development. In not place is this more evident than in the make up of their corporate leadership. CEO, Nik Robinson, has a long standing member of the development community. He was the founder of NT Media in 1996. Ten years later he served as the Creative Director of Openbet. Huw McIntosh, CTO, was a hold over from Robinson’s days at NT Media and at Openbet. Consequently, his resume is as equally long and impressive. These two easily recognized the need for a talented and experienced Creative Director. They found exactly what they needed in Ian Schmidt. Schmidt has a very impressive history with the gaming giant Rock Star Games. 

The company offers a varied array of games matching multiple tastes and specifications. All of which fit into the following categories; slots, reactors, and table games. Slots refer to a simulation of classic casino style slot machines. They allow the player the chance to win money, or points, based upon the random turn of the wheel. The appeal of such a game is that it allows for Las Vegas style entertainment without the player having to leave their home. Reactors on the other hand are based upon the players reaction to certain game actions. A perfect example of this is a game where players catch gold coins in a basket as they fall down the play screen. Finally, table games are the classic form of gaming that was so popular in the 1980’s arcade world. These brick and mortar games offer the traditional look and feel that so many gamers, and consumers, desire. 

Of all of the Big Time Gaming slot titles, Temple Quest is the most popular. This Amazonian adventure styled slot game offers hours of fun to gamers. Unlike a traditional slot machine, Temple Quest offers multi levels of winning potential. Each spin creates a multitude of icons over the game’s 40 lines. Additionally, the game offers three feature that maximize earning, and fun! Free Spins add new pieces to each spins that dramatically increase the chance to win big. Treasure Temple, increased a single earning up to over 60,000 points. Chest of Fortune, offers the player the option to choose from chest that could offer 20,000 points in one spin. 

Casinos available:
Game Jackpot Hits Average Hits Size Biggest Hit Last Hit Average Hits Interval
Feathered Frenzy Jackpot €0.00 0 - - - - -
Mr. Multiplier Jackpot €0.00 0 - - - - -