Endemol was established in ninety four by Mr. Mol, Jr. and Mr. den Ende. De Mol is a television creator and generally talented and creative individual. He is the main developer of Big Brother he merged his company with Joop van den Ende’s company to form Endemol. This is a suitable combination of the two gentlemen’s last names De Mol sold his portion of the company in 2000 though he remained creative director till 2004. In 2007 he returned to the company as a major shareholder. The company headquarters are located in Amsterdam. They are a television company that also creates and allocates content for different entertainment bases. 

The current CEO is Just Spee who has had more than two decades in the industry. He has worked for many companies both small and large in many of the key positions. Endemol is a broadcasting company that produces around fifteen thousand hours of programming across many genres each year. Endemol is a global company with branches in around thirty countries with a wide base of dissemination. The business focuses not only on the beginning stages, or when the products are just starting to come together. The company has a hand in the marketing set as well as franchise management systems. This makes sure that they can spread the company’s brands across many platforms in just the way the company wants.

Endemol is presently run by the Endemol Shine Group, which is a combination of Apollo Global Management and 21st Century Fox. The company has franchises in talent reality and game shows like Wipeout, Big Brother, and Deal or No Deal to name a few. That is not to say that the company does not have other properties. Endemol created and runs reality, talent and game show franchises worldwide, counting many that are extremely popular, including Leverage, Black Mirror, and Hot in Cleveland.

Endemol Beyond was created in November of 2013 it is to be a global division focused on digital video and content for sites like YouTube. One of the ways that Endemol developers the company is to continue expansion physically or in their products is to create a new company in the area of interest. Then they will reabsorb that company into the main company. Another way is to buy into a property that is having problems so that they can support and reform the company. Endemol has focused on their branded properties for use not only on television, but through the lottery, land based casinos, mobile programs, and online platforms as well. The programs are developed and licensed to be used on a global basis. This makes the business to be a major leader in the gaming world. The company has only been focusing on the land based games for the past few years.

Endemol can focus on the most popular brands like Deal or No Deal, Golden Balls, and 1 vs100. They are working on other works for slot games, fixed odds terminals, and video terminals. The company develops their own games with the help of Inspired Gaming. This establishment has sold at least thirty thousand units of just the Deal or No Deal prize with amusement system. There are teams that run each aspect of the process, including the inventors, Creators and money men who work with the engineers who perfect the code to provide the best possible quality product. This company has proven itself time and again in its efforts to produce quality branded merchandise. This company’s game section is definitely pushing for the lead of its sector dragging competitors in its wake.

Casinos available:
Game Jackpot Hits Average Hits Size Biggest Hit Last Hit Average Hits Interval
Deal or No Deal Jackpot €0.00 0 - - - - -
Deal or No Deal Bankers Riches Jackpot €0.00 0 - - - - -