Jackpot Total: €8,811,530.35

Online gambling has absolutely exploded over the last decade or so, as a great deal of people have switched over from other forms of gambling and instead now place the majority of their wagers on the internet. Online gambling is flat out more convenient, as you can literally log in from wherever you are, depositing money and placing bets within minutes, even if you are living in a remote location. Although many online casinos have started to sprout up all over the place after the success of various other companies and the ever expanding interest in gambling through the internet, one of the companies that came into the game early was NetEnt. 

NetEnt entered the online casino business in the early nineties and have been steadily growing ever since, all the while providing amazing platforms that feature all sorts of online gambling arenas. NetEnt is a company that actually supplies the software that the majority of other online casinos utilize on their individual sites, meaning at the root of many of the casinos that you see advertised are NetEnt games, as they are using the gaming module supplied by the company. The games are of the utmost high quality, with everything from slot machine style games, to poker and other card games, to lottery style games. A lot of people are unaware that you can actually play lottery games and jackpot games through the internet, but NetEnt has created a ton of these games and you can play them at a great deal of sites online today. 

You likely have seen online casinos that are advertised through the internet, most of which will offer you some bonus money if you end up signing up with them. The bulk of these companies do not go out and create their own games and instead find various packages of games that they then integrate into their pages, while taking a commission with each bet that is placed on the site, just like any other regular casino that you would walk into would do.

This is where they go to companies like NetEnt, where they can simply pay to use the games on their site. The fact that they have been in the business since the internet really began to gain popularity, it shows how many people, as well as how many businesses love their products and the games that they provide. NetEnt currently employs over five hundred people and is currently running out of Stockholm, Sweden, although they operate in several other countries in Europe. 

One of the biggest things that NetEnt is known for is the massive jackpot draws that they have had in the past few years, as the numbers have mirrored lotteries that you would play at your local convenience store. Just two years ago the jackpot hit nearly eighteen million dollars, leading to a big stir about the company and the progressive slot payout that was delivered, which happened to receive a Guinness World Record as well. A ton of companies have purchased the casino module that NetEnt typically sells and have been greatly successful with the online casinos that they have built with these games, making it very clear that they put out some of the best games that you can purchase, as well as play on the internet today.

Casinos available:
Game Jackpot Hits Average Hits Size Biggest Hit Last Hit Average Hits Interval
Arabian Nights €922,389.89 10 1189682.8199999998 €1,189,682.82 3332981.0 €3,332,981.00 2016-01-19 2016-01-19 -11380001.738942888 4 months
Bonus Keno €11,890.58 0 - - - - -
Caribbean Stud 2 €29,540.20 0 - - - - -
Cosmic Fortune €77,265.38 0 - - - - -
Geisha Wonders €72,062.76 0 - - - - -
Hall of Gods €1,107,515.76 9 5039001.288888889 €5,039,001.29 7788882.0 €7,788,882.00 2016-01-19 2016-01-19 -12780901.962573126 5 months
Icy Wonders €72,062.76 0 - - - - -
Mega Fortune €6,353,033.57 30 4074764.381333333 €4,074,764.38 17861178.0 €17,861,178.00 2016-01-19 2016-01-19 -6752359.162646035 3 months
Mega Joker €9,630.49 5 16557.4 €16,557.40 31327.0 €31,327.00 2015-12-08 2015-12-08 -17820000.0 7 months
Super Lucky Frog €24,995.80 2 106520.0 €106,520.00 107632.0 €107,632.00 2015-12-08 2015-12-08 -2505600.0 29 days
Tiki Wonders €72,062.76 0 - - - - -
Mega Wonder Jackpot €0.00 0 - - - - -
Wonder Jackpot €0.00 0 - - - - -