Random Logic

Random Logic Games is a gaming company that specializes in mobile and social games production. This company is based in Alabama and is responsible for some of the most trending games, both mobile and casino, and fun puzzles available today. The headquarters of this gaming company can be found at 530, 32nd Street, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A. It provides a complete suite of gaming products and related services ranging from casinos to poker to lotteries as well as slot machines. Founded in 1997, this company under the leadership of Andrew Stone, CEO, has skyrocketed in the international market in the recent years. The major part of this growth has been seen on various mobile app stores and several social networking sites. Moreover, many of the leading gaming operators are now powered by the games and products developed by Random Logic Games. Having started off as a small gaming venture in Alabama, this company has now expanded overseas, carrying its innovative games on all fronts, like online, mobile and land-based products. 

Currently this company holds more than 7 trademarks and considers its employees as the cornerstone for their immense success. Some of the best, experienced, talented and dedicated professionals can be found here in this company's office as it provides a highly exciting and challenging career with a lot of growth opportunities in the R&D field. Random Logic Games is now in the league of the leading casino games pioneers too, offering exclusive games and machines to casinos worldwide. Random Logic Games, LLC now moves to strengthen its prowess by intending to capitalize and invest on the convergence of technology inside the online gaming markets and for the achievement of this goal, it plans to work through a new generation of customizable and ultra-flexible gaming services with simple and user-friendly integration.

This company is also the software provider for one the most trusted online gambling websites in the world, www.888.com. The casinos which feature games by this company are able to offer players a variety of options to suit their comfort, making it player-centric in nature and resulting in loyal players. Some of the online casinos under this company are 888 Casino, Casino-on-Net, Reef Club, LuckyAce, Noxwin and Moon Games. It also supports various payment processors along with multiple currency which is coupled with an advanced Fraud and Risk Management system to ensure safe online gambling environment. 

With immense success in the casino front, the company mover to mobile gaming in the year 2012. However, after venturing into the online mobile gaming field, the company suffered a slight chaos. Earlier this year, this company's mobile game by the name Guess the 90's in Google Play Store and iTunes App, witnessed an explosion in its popularity which is contributed to a great extent in triggering the company's expansion. This was because the company used a basic setup for hosting this game on a single dedicated server but with the game overflowing the charts, the number of concurrent users on their server suddenly increased by 60 times from 50 a day to about 3000 per day. This popularity boost of mainly due to the fact that this game kept people entertained for hours at a stretch and was completely free of cost. The company proficiently dealt with this slight by expanding their setup and increasing the number of servers for all their games. Now the company has many other mobile games too, to its name like Symbology, Infinite Pics, Tap 5 Differences, Infinite Jigsaw and the 'Guess The' series which include Emoji, Song, Idiom, Movies and GIF. 

Casinos available:
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