Visitors to the Rival Games website will notice he amazing sketch that shows a few men sitting around a table. It is as if these men are deciding the fate of every player, and the television series styling of the website helps make the company more intriguing before anyone plays a single game. Rival Games is using a brand new formatting style to create their games, and this article explains how their company is bringing the scripted format of television to video games.

#1: The Television Writing Style

Serialized television shows were born from serial radio shows that often took years to complete storylines. Listeners would tune in every week to hear a new piece of the puzzle, and only the most patient listeners were rewarded with the resolutions to the stories on the show. Rival Games has taken the serial writing style of many modern television shows to a new level, and the serial writing in their games rivals even the greatest TV shows.

#2: The Decisions Of The Player Change The Game

Every part of the universe inside the game has players, characters and scenarios that are designed to make the game more interesting. Someone playing a game from Rival Games will learn something new about the world they are playing, and each character will offer new information about the game. A real police detective or amateur sleuth will learn small bits of information that come together at the end of a case, and the serial world of Rival Games has many characters who hold tiny pieces of the puzzle. The players must take the time to explore every part of the new world where they are playing, and the players who study the world they find will enjoy the game more.

#3: Serial Plotlines

The serial plotlines in Rival Games products are designed to help extend the game in a good way. People that are starting a new game will find that there are many twists and turns in Rival Games products that take hours to sort out. These twists and turns are not terribly confusing or annoying, but these twists and turns take time to sort through. Someone who really loves mysteries will enjoy looking in every nook and cranny that Rival Games has created for its players.

#4: Making Real Decisions

There are TV shows on today that force characters to make decisions that are terrible. People are put in bad situations that cannot turn out well, and the characters will be affected by these decisions forever. Viewers leave these shows wondering how these awful decisions hurt each character, and those decisions are present in games from Rival Games. Players must decide who lives and who dies. Players must decide who is heartbroken and who is happy, and each decision could have terrible implications as the game progresses. 

#5: Mobile And PC Choices

Rival Games offers games for mobile and PC platforms that players prefer to use. Some players will have more fun playing on their mobile devices, and other players will enjoy playing on their desktop with all the resources they need at their fingertips. Rival Games allows players to log in to their account from multiple locations, and the player may pick up a game where they left off on a new platform. 

There are many new games coming from Rival Games, and each game is designed to give players the television watching experience. Characters must investigate their new worlds thoroughly, and players must make decisions that have long-lasting effects on the game. A game like this feels more like a TV show and less like a way to waste some time.

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