Vegas Technology

Formerly known as OddsOn, Vegas Technology Games is an outgrowth of software revamping that occurred in 2005. Headquartered in Toronto, dating back to 1996, the business began as an online e-commerce monetary transaction entity. Following its 2003 merger with English Harbour Gaming Ventures, in a very short time, Vegas Technology Games has become a top-notch online gaming developer.  

The company is highly regarded and frequently visited by slot enthusiasts from around the world.  Among many reasons for Vegas Technology Games popularity is the fact that games can be downloaded by the user or instantly played online.  For many slots gamers, downloading affords the opportunity to observe the game, so to speak as the wheels turn, and thereby allow the gamer to formulate a personalized winning strategy. The rapidity of download speed being one to four minutes as opposed to other gaming software requiring as much as fifteen minutes to complete, Vegas Technology software instant play capabilities are highly favored because there is absolutely no wait-to-play time.

One thing that sets Vegas Technology Games apart from all the rest is that the company is dedicated to the creation of games with increased winner odds in favor of the gamer as opposed to the house.  In this regard, Vegas Technology Games prides itself on having approximately 60 to 90 games with big payoff potential that in turn encourages customer participation in online tournaments. Vegas Technology Games has something to please every shot player on Planet Earth.  Not content with traditional classic style slots, Vegas endeavors to create video slots that aficionados simply can't resist, including the fact that more payouts, bonuses and bonus spins quickly fatten the winner's purse.

At Vegas Technology Games, the jury is still out as to whether gamers enjoy playing against other players or whether they keep playing a particular game because they are determined to become it's number one high scorer.

Monitoring, oversight and periodic auditing of its operations by Certified Fair Gaming is a testament to the integrity of Vegas Technology Games. In addition to this oversight, Vegas Technology Games also maintains membership with Interactive Gaming Council to insure that random number generators function properly and that standards for online gaming continue, especially for those where U.S.,gamers are allowed to be accepted. 

Although slots powered by Vegas Technology Games are available to players around the globe, since partnering with Go Casino, Vegas Technology strictly adheres to regulations set for online gaming by United States citizens. In addition to Go Casino, other arms of Vegas Technology Games are Online Vegas and Crazy Slots casinos. 

After being Gambling Online Magazine's 2005 Top New Casino Software Award winner, Vegas Technology became a rib in the Wager Gaming Technology Software umbrella where its download capabilities continue to benefit both PC and Mac users who are fluent in  English, since this is currently the only language in which the software is formulated. 

In the realm of graphics, Vegas Technology Game software is rated seven on a scale of ten. If variety in truly the spice of life, Vegas Technology Game software definitely has an edge with games featuring 3-reel and 5-reel slots as well as bonus round triggers and progressive game options. 

Of the many drawing cards for online casino gaming, Go Casino's guaranteed jackpot policy during tournament play can not be beat because the amount of the guaranteed payout will happen regardless of the number of players since Go Casino covers it even if company funds are required to do so. Vegas Technology Games is known for offering buy-ins as low as $10 for a chance to win as much as a $5 thousand tournament jackpot.

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